You won’t want to miss these restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe!

Valle de Guadalupe is, without a doubt, a destination for high-cuisine restaurants, wineries, and great regional produce, making it an outstanding and complete experience for anyone who visits. People come from places all around the world to explore the wonders that “el Valle” offers.

We wrote down a list of some of the best restaurants in the wine country that you need to visit while staying with us at Indómito Glamping Resort:


Chef David Castro Hussong is the creator of this concept, named Mexico’s Restaurant of the Year in 2020. His menu showcases traditional flavors, yet still remains innovative and alternate with the seasons seeing that they use their season harvests as the dishes’ main attraction. Your visit won’t be complete without taking a peak at Bruma, Fauna’s very own winery with its famous 3,000-year-old oak lying in a magnificent water mirror. Bruma also has its own wine cellar and a wine-tasting tour you can pay for. Don’t forget to take your picture!



This is a must-see-and-try spot for “foodies” from all around the world. Owner and chef Drew Deckman is always in search of the best produce out there for his clients. Deckman and his team are loyal to their roots and look to portray “la Baja” in every dish they serve, never leaving aside their creative signature they are so famous for. The place’s classics and musts are oysters, quail, and rib eye.



Located inside winery Bodegas de Santo Tomás, Villa Torél was born by a merger of Mexican and french culture and cuisine. This space was created not just for having a delicious bite to eat but also to enjoy the views that the Baja Wine Country has to offer every day.



Created by famous chef Javier Plascencia from Baja California, a Baja Wine Country classic you can’t miss. Their dishes are made completely from natural ingredients, they also offer a wide variety of wines and the best craft beer from the region. If it wasn’t enough about the delicious menu this restaurant serves, they also have coffee and desserts on a deck where you can stay after your meal.



Chef Ángel Gutierrez celebrates the valley’s flavors, colors, and textures with a beautiful view of Finca Tré winery. From seafood to lamb, everything you order from their menu is to die for. Remember our room service is brought from Matilde de Valle, next to Indómito Glamping Resort.


Indómito Glamping Resort is located in the heart of Valle de Guadalupe, with easy access for you to enjoy some of the best restaurants and wineries that Baja California has to offer. And to top off your experience, stay with us at INDÓMITO, a space to disconnect and recharge, an escape transformed into a “glamorous campsite”.